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Casual Tapas Lounge at Algarve, Faro Hotel

A Casual Tapas Bar In Vilamoura

Enjoy the casual and vibrant ambiance of our Tapas Lounge at Vilamoura Garden Hotel. Savour delectable Algarvean-inspired tapas and a superb selection of wine, beer, and beverages. From traditional flavours to modern twists, our tapas menu offers a delightful culinary journey.

Authentic Portuguese Tapas at Alrgarve, Faro Hotel

Algarve Style Tapas

Enjoy authentic Portuguese tapas inspired by the fresh flavors of Algarve and a selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. Share food with friends and delicious small plates inspired by the region.
  • Hours at Tapas Lounge Bar, Vilamoura Garden Hotel, Rua de França, Portugal Hours